Breaking The Cycle

For a long time, travelling overseas was off-limits to me.

I understand that wheel-chair bound people have been flying for decades, but it wasn’t so easy for me up until recently.

Just the notion of rolling out of the front door to pick up my mail felt like an impossible task for me. With a state-provided carer that saw me every day, I had no need to leave. Jackson brought me all my groceries, the newspaper and my mail (not that I ever received that much of it).

This was what my day was like, for the best part of my adult life:

8am – Wake up to the sound of the New York traffic outside and the slams of the doors of taxi cabs, taking people to work.


9am – Let Jackson in with the paper, mail and groceries. Eat breakfast.


10am – Clean and wash self, consider leaving house, then decide against it.

11am – Put on TV and watch.

1pm – Take break from TV to eat lunch with Jackson, usually something his Mom makes for him.


2pm – Continue to watch TV, send Jackson out for Beers and Cigarettes.


3pm – Start drinking with Jackson, smoke a few cigarettes out at the window, whilst watching the city.


5pm – Let Jackson out of the flat, resume drinking and smoking, whilst watching TV.


6pm – Listen to the sound of taxi cab doors slamming, as people return from work and get back home.

7pm – Order in pizza, more beer and cigarettes.


8pm – Eat, drink, smoke, watch.


11pm – Fall asleep in front of Cinemax.


12am – Wake up to sound of cat’s fighting, take self to bed.

With the committed support and aid of Jackson, my long-time drinking buddy, I was able to break this daily cycle of television, beer and cigarettes.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you might well be living a depressing life of an alcoholic. Regardless of you disability, this is no way to live a life – I know. 

Take the plunge, try something new and break the cycle.


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