In Between Trips – Building a Recycling Box

I’m currently in between planning trips.

I used to be one of those people that hated the start of the year.

Back when I was living a more reclusive life, the beginning of a new year meant very little to me. During the Christmas period I would see all my friends and family. Far from being a comforting experience I would often find that this left me feeling even more crushed and despondent about the state of my life – very festive, I know. When you’re living a life that has stagnated somewhat, these Festive periods, where everyone is happy and life is moving on, can be excruciating. They¬†were times that would make me despair at the state of my life and often send me into a self-obsessed spiral of depression.

Now, thankfully, things are different.

After taking my first trip back in 2015, I’ve grown in confidence and have massively expanded my horizons, as well as the expectations I have of my own life. Unfortunately, I can’t always be gallivanting around the planet. I’m not made of money and I miss this city, so there are fallow periods where I’ll spend a couple of months at home, whilst I plan for my next trip.

Every time I return home, I have a niggling worry that I might slip back into bad habits. My apartment holds so many dreary memories; endless hours spent drinking and smoking with Jackson, my old familiar arm chair, which I’d fallen asleep in so many times. Then I roll through the front door, remember that I threw that armchair out (along with the TV) a long time ago and that I’m not that person anymore.

I’ve enjoyed living back home for the last couple of months.

Around this time of the year it starts to warm up a little bit in the city; us New Yorkers begin to shed off one or two of the dozen layers that we carry like shells on our back and start to feel little bit more comfortable travelling around the city. That said, its still cold and no one’s daring enough to willingly spend a whole day out in the open, unless they’ve got a damn good reason to…

Yesterday, after receiving some valuable materials from Timber Packing Cases, I set to constructing a Recycling Box that would be placed alongside the refuse bins at the bottom of our apartment block. Most of us in the building are pretty conscientious Eco-warriors, Recycling is the law here in New York so its not like we have a choice. Still, its important that we keep our facilities tidy and in order, so that we can make it easier for others to do.

I know what you’re thinking: this is the kind of job that a Super should be doing. You’re probably right, but there’s a certain satisfaction that I get out of planning and completing a task. The job itself wasn’t exactly a difficult one, boxes are simply a matter of measuring, cutting and hammering. Still, it felt good to be outside in the back yard, making a mess and getting a job done. Its a simple contraption, a large wooden crate with a hinged lid that has a clear plastic label, reminding people that this was not a trash bin.

The job ended up taking the whole day and I ended the day feeling like I’d really accomplished something.

Here’s to more days spent in gainful employment!

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