When I was younger I was involved in an accident.

In that accident I lost parts of both my legs.

Since then I have been confined to a wheel chair. For about a year and a half afterwards I pretty much stayed inside. I lived in the dark, I over ate, I smoked and I drank. That was my life. I got hairy and smelly and gross.

One day I was looking out the window of my 2nd floor walk up and I saw a group of people coming down the road. They were young excited people living their dreams in New York City. They were smiling and laughing with each other, holding each others gaze for little moments and looking around themselves at the city they found themselves in. One of them was in a wheelchair. He was in a wheelchair and he was part of the group. If they got to a curb or something one of the others would just help the chair up. It wouldn’t even be mentioned. They all just carried on. That day, I decided that I could carry on, and I have.

Ok, I’m not saying that now my life in a wheel chair is…

…because I don’t think many peoples lives are all that.

But I’ve managed to get a life, which I didn’t have when I was stuck in that flat.

Actually, I’ve got more of a life now than I had before my accident. Now, does this mean I am somehow grateful for my accident? Do I see it now as a catalyst for a change that has made me a more fulfilled person? Well, no. It seems pretty sensible to think that I would have transitioned into a more mature person with my legs as well, plenty of my friends have managed it without having to sit down permanently for three years.

‘Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand maturity!’

But either way, everything that has happened to me has led me to a point of something resembling happiness, and I am grateful for that.

Is traveling in a wheel chair easy? No, but is travelling ever ‘easy’ when it’s done properly? NO! Have you tried walking through Bangkok trying to find your well hidden hostel? Have you tried finding parking at Doncaster airport without any help (though there is <<<<<<< help available!)?

There are a million challenges facing every traveller and that doesn’t stop them. So why would I let a few more stop me?

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