Next Adventure on the Horizon

The time has come once more for me to think about where I want to go next!

With a decent budget, saved up over 6 months, I want my next journey to be bigger and better thane ever.

Although I’ve visited every continent and set foot in dozens of countries, I though I might make my next adventure a little more close to home. Seeing America is a rite of passage that every American goes through at some point in their lives. We might not be leaving our country or even taking any flights, but the truth is our country is huge and there are just so many places to see that it makes little sense to go travelling anywhere else.

As much as I’m always attracted to the notion of travelling to a foreign country and getting truly lost in another person’s culture, there’s plenty of opportunity to do that on home soil – you’d be surprised how alien this country can appear sometimes! After so many years of travelling around the world, I’ve come to the realisation that travelling is more about uprooting yourself culturally than actually travelling that far.

The key to my happiness since my accident hasn’t been the miles that I’ve flown, but the novel situations that I’ve found myself in and the different people that I’ve had the opportunity to meet. With that in mind, I’ve been having fun making loose plans as to where I’m going to visit on my grand American tour and the things that I’m going to do whilst I’m on the road. Rather than come up with a strict itinerary that might well limit my experiences, I’m going to have a start and end point then simply make a list of things that I’d like to do on my way through.

Join in with an Improv Class

Although my British friends might balk at the idea, I’ve always loved the idea of jumping into an Improv class. Improvisational comedy is a great American tradition that has given birth to numerous comic stars not to mention Hollywood idols. There are comedy clubs all the way through the country, so there should be plenty of chances to attend a quick class!

Eat some real BBQ food

Sure, you can buy BBQ food throughout the country, but if you want a real taste of the Deep South then you kind of have to head down there yourself to try it. The Southern states aren’t as far out the way as you might think, so I’m definitely considering dipping down there to try some of the most iconic foods of America, the way that they’re mean to be eaten.

Hear some Bluegrass

There’s something so disingenuous about a city-dwelling person singing bluegrass music, but I feel like I hear it all the time! Just like true BBQ, the spirit of bluegrass belongs in the Southern states, maybe I’ll get a chance to hear some whilst dropping into Texas, where I’ll also have the opportunity to taste some honest-to-God bourbon too…

Ride a Greyhound Bus

The Greyhound bus service has been running for over a hundred years, although it’s been idealistically presented in Hollywood movies, the spirit of travelling across the country for just a few bucks is still very much alive and well. I’m hoping to take one of the longer journeys through the country and make the most of the cheap fare.

Watch a Kung Fu Movie at a Cinema

I’ve always loved kung fu movies, they were the background to my childhood and the accompaniment to my teen years – but I’ve never got the chance to see one in the cinema. Luckily, there are plenty of other people, just like me, who’ve dreamt of seeing a kung fu classic on the big screen – there are programmes of these movies playing in niche cinemas across the country.

Spend a Night in the Desert

The wide expanse of a desert is both awe-inspiring and terrifying. For a period of my journey I’ll be travelling through the hot, dusty south – I’m hoping to meet some outdoorsy people that can show me the camping ropes and take me for a night out in the desert.

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